Interior Painting

interior painting services brooklyn ny

Add Fresh Paint to Your Rooms

Our professional interior painting services will elevate your style in the Brooklyn, NY area

When you want to give your interior a new look, why not start with the walls? A new color palette can work wonders. You can transform your room with AJ Painting & Renovation. We provide excellent interior painting services in Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas.

When you schedule our professional painting services, you can trust us to:

  • Help you choose paint colors and finishes
  • Protect your furniture and fixtures
  • Repair any damaged drywall
  • Prime your walls
  • Apply high-quality paint

Soon, you'll see your space in beautiful new colors. Call 917-780-7211 today for a free estimate on interior painting services.

Choose the right colors and finishes for your space

You can work with us to pick stunning colors and finishes. We have a wide range of colors for you to choose from, available with several finishes. They range from a flat finish that doesn't reflect light to a gloss finish that shines brightly. Ask us about professional painting services right away to find out more about our options.